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In the beginning, Atlas created the dragon shifters. He made one tiny mistake…


As the all-male dragons teeter on the brink of extinction, Atlas hatches a plan. Fragments of his divine soul could transform humans into dragon mates.

He’s missing one ingredient—someone to help cast his spell.

As soon as Atlas sees the stunning young woman in Central Park, his inner beast knows she’s the one. 

It’s a little medieval, but he is a god, after all. If he can’t kidnap the odd maiden, then what’s the point?

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The Dragon Berserker's Mate Cover


the Dragon Berserker’s Mate

A ring from Prince Charming, or a kiss from a green-eyed monster?


Forced to flee her home in the dead of night, Hazel finds herself staring down the barrel of some grim career trajectories. She’s got half a therapy degree and a massive debt, and neither will put a roof over her head.

The Seattle dragon shifters offer an escape.

Marrying rich might not be a modern woman’s solution, but she’s not turning down a literal Prince Charming. And look on the bright side. Arranged marriages can end in true love, right?

There’s one small obstacle to marital bliss—Jay, her surly new bodyguard.

Gorgeous, dangerous, and only dubiously sane, Jay is everything she can’t want. But staying in his apartment draws out her darkest desires. The kind designed to lead good girls astray.

If Hazel gives in to their electric attraction, it’ll cost her dream.

A happily ever after.