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In the beginning, Atlas created the dragon shifters. He made one tiny mistake…


As the all-male dragons teeter on the brink of extinction, Atlas hatches a plan. Fragments of his divine soul could transform humans into dragon mates.

He’s missing one ingredient—someone to help cast his spell.

As soon as Atlas sees the stunning young woman in Central Park, his inner beast knows she’s the one. 

It’s a little medieval, but he is a god, after all. If he can’t kidnap the odd maiden, then what’s the point?

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the Dragon’s FAke Mate

Marrying her brutal dragon-shifter nemesis is the only way to save her friend.


   Starla’s witchcraft hides a terrible secret.
   She’s a rare human able to have shifter children. Her magical disguise is the only thing keeping her from becoming a dragon baby factory.
   Over her dead body. She has a job. Too many people need her for a stupid destiny to upend her life.
   There’s one problem. Her fated mate.
   Mars, the dragon shifter’s mercenary, is her own personal demon. Hotter than sin and a stone-cold psychopath, his obsession with her threatens to ruin everything. His presence pushes her magic to its limits. If he gets too close, he’ll figure out their connection.
   But when Starla’s friend goes missing, keeping Mars away isn’t an option anymore. There’s only one way to pull off an undercover rescue mission.

A fake honeymoon with the husband from hell.